Why renting ball gowns in NZ is a sustainable choice

Why renting ball gowns in NZ is a sustainable choice

The world of fashion is evolving, as people’s awareness of sustainable choices and their impact on our environment become increasingly important. These sustainable choices extend to everything we consume including special occasions such as formal events and balls.  An alternative gaining popularity, is renting ball gowns. In this blog post we will delve into the reasons why renting ball gowns is a sustainable option that not only benefits the environment, but also has a wide range of advantages to the consumer.


Renting ball dresses reduces fashion waste

Fast fashion and social media have led to a culture of disposable clothing, where items are worn once and then discarded. By renting ball gowns for your next formal event, you not only contribute to less waste, as the garment is worn more than once. This also extends the lifespan of the ball gown as multiple people can enjoy the same item and this will prevent it from ending up in landfill. Dress rentals promote a more circular and sustainable economy, where resources are utilized more efficiently and waste is minimized.


Love our planet

Renting dresses is sustainable as it conserves natural resources

The production of clothing requires significant amounts of water, energy and raw materials. By renting ball dresses in NZ, you actively participate in conserving these valuable resources. The environmental impact associated with manufacturing, dyeing and transportation significantly reduces as multiple people wear the same ball dress. This conscious choice helps to mitigate water scarcity, reduce carbon emissions and protect ecosystems affected by the fashion industry.


Renting encourages ethical practices in the fashion industry.

The fast fashion industry has been lamented for allowing poor working conditions. By renting your ball gown, you support well established designers and suppliers that prioritize fair wages and safe working conditions. By choosing to rent you are able to support designers that value sustainability, social responsibility and the well-being of their makers.


Renting provides more choice in finding the perfect ball gown

Renting ball gowns allows you to experiment with a vast array of styles and designers that may not be available to buy in New Zealand. Renting ball gowns instead of buying, allows the consumer to try different styles and trends without having to commit to a single dress. Most rental companies will stick multiple brands allowing you to try many styles in one place. Renting ball dresses allows you to experiment with different styles, encouraging creativity and personal expression. By embracing dress rentals, you break free from the pressure of constantly buying new outfits and instead allows you to focus on the fun of dressing up!

 Renting ball dresses is cheaper than buying

Ball dresses are typically expensive items and buying a new one for each event can be very costly. Renting a ball dress offers a much cheaper alternative to buying. You only need to pay a fraction of the gowns retail price and you can enjoy high quality designer pieces without paying the high price tag. This affordability means that it is easier to enjoy formal events without the financial burden attached. And the rental company looks after the cost and hassle of cleaning as well, so it is a simple, cost and time effective option.

Renting ball gowns is a sustainable option

Renting ball gowns provides a sustainable alternative to the traditional approach of buying formal wear.  By embracing dress rentals, you contribute to the reduction of fashion waste, conserve natural resrouces, support ethical practices and widen your selection of formal wear. In addition, renting provides a cost effective solution to finding appropriate formal attire for your next event. As we strive as a society, to find more sustainable practices for our future, incorporating renting dresses into our lives can make a positive impact on the environment and the fashion industry as a whole. So why not opt for the elegance and glamour of a stylish rented ball gown, knowing that you are making a responsible and stylish choice?





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